The following images of wild birds and animals in their natural habitats are taken in various countries around the world. None of these photos are of captive animals. All of the images on this page are copyright Christian Artuso (all rights reserved). The majority are 35mm colour slides, which unfortunately lose quality when scanned for on-screen viewing, with more recent photos being digital (originals average 3 Mb in size).

If you wish to use any of these photographs, please contact me at chartuso[no spam] (remove the [no spam]). The price depends on the intended usage and the resolution required. Some of these photographs already appear in various magazines and books from around the world, so exclusive contracts are not available. Many of these images can be donated to conservation agencies free of charge, provided prior permission is obtained and I am credited as the photographer.

Sample photographs are arranged on this site in the 10 galleries indicated on the left. The first 9 galleries are of birds, arranged following Sibley and Monroe taxonomy. Images within the galleries are arranged in alphabetical order of their common names, typically using the naming conventions of the region where the species was photographed. Simply click on the thumbnails to view larger images. The special feature is an exposé of a particular species or habitat or behaviour and is changed regularly. You can also visit my blog to view some of my photo essays.

The images on these pages represent a sample of my wildlife photography. I have many photographs of other species not shown here (over 2800 species of birds). Please consult the following bird species list or email me if you are looking for an image of a particular species. Please be patient for the bird species list to appear as it is a large file. I try to update this page as often as possible, so the photographs displayed may change from time to time.

I hope you enjoy these images!

Christian Artuso

chartuso[no spam]

Bird species seen (28/05/2015): 4537 Bird species photographed (28/05/2015): 3144